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      歡迎登錄安徽宇鋒官方網站! EN  /  AGV
      24小時免費服務熱線:400 888 5107
      當前位置: 步行式電動堆高車 > 步行式托盤堆垛車
      產品名稱:步行式托盤堆垛車        品牌:EFORK       產品型號:CDDC
      產品介紹 技術參數 售后保障

      ? 內置高能密封電池,長期免維護使用,壽命期內無需加液加水。

      ? 體積小巧,節省空間,在很小的通道亦能順利通過。

      ? 偏置操控,大大提高作業視野,避免行駛過程中作業者與車身相撞。
      ? 較長的操作手柄,大大降低了操作車子所需力量,使操作更輕便。
      ? 緊急斷電開關作為標準配置,只需按下緊急停止按鈕就可以切斷所有電源,車子立即停止或緊急情況下快速斷電,提供安全保護。
      ? 多功能手柄,集成控制(加速、喇叭、緊急方向、升降按鈕),人機設計操作更加舒適。

      ? Built-in high-energy sealed battery, Long-term use without maintenance, you don’t need to add water during the period of life.
      ? The forklift has many advantages, like compact size, easy to display, and saving working space. In particular, it can successfully go through even in a small channel.
      ? Bias control can greatly improve the working vision; also can avoid collision between operators and the car in the process of driving.
      ? Long handle operation, greatly reduces the operating force make the operation more portable.
      ? We consider emergency power switch as a standard configuration. Just press the emergency stop button to cut off all the power in case of an emergency, the car can stop immediately.

      ? We have Multi-function handle and integrated control (Like acceleration, horn, emergency direction, lift button). All this function makes the operation more comfortable.

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      400 888 5107
      24小時免費服務熱線:400 888 5107