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      歡迎登錄安徽宇鋒官方網站! EN  /  AGV
      24小時免費服務熱線:400 888 5107
      當前位置: 三支點叉車 > 三支點平衡重叉車
      產品名稱:三支點平衡重叉車        品牌:EFORK       產品型號:CPD-A
      產品介紹 技術參數 售后保障

      ? CURTIS柯蒂斯電控,控制器多重自動保護系統。

      ? EPS轉向能耗降低~20%,作業精確,轉向輕便靈活,降低駕駛員疲勞度,大幅提升生產力。

      ? 立式AC交流驅動,無碳刷,免維護,高效能電機,精確控制,輸出強勁動力。

      ? 體積小,重量輕,轉變半徑小,輕松進電梯,適用于樓層及車廂內作業,提高了通過性和空間利用率。

      ? 前輪是橡膠實心胎,抓地力強,運行平穩。

      ? 門架設計有緩沖系統,前傾后仰功能。

      ? 叉車坡道臨時停車采用電控自動和腳制動的雙保險方法,為車輛在坡道停車提供安全保障。

      ? Because of CURTIS electronic control, so we have multiple automatic protection system controllers.

      ? EPS swerve can reduce 20% of the energy consumption. It is precise, flexible, and convenient to operate. At the same time, it can reduce driver fatigue, boost productivity.

      ? Vertical AC drive, no carbon brush, free maintenance, highly efficient motor, accuracy control, powerfully output.

      ? Small volume, low weight, small turn radius, easily enter into the elevator, suitable for working in floor or within the carriage, improved the pass-ability and space utilization.

      ? The front wheel of the solid rubber tyres, strong grip, and stable operation.

      ? The design of portal-frame has a buffer system, leaning back function.

      ? Forklift temporary parking ramp adopt both electronically controlled and the foot brake to get a double insurance.

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      400 888 5107
      24小時免費服務熱線:400 888 5107