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      歡迎登錄安徽宇鋒官方網站! EN  /  AGV
      24小時免費服務熱線:400 888 5107
      當前位置: 無叉腿電動堆高車 > 無叉腿電動堆高車(不封腿)
      產品名稱:無叉腿電動堆高車(不封腿)        品牌:EFORK       產品型號:CDD-B
      產品介紹 技術參數 售后保障

      ? CURTIS柯蒂斯電控,控制器多重自動保護系統。

      ? 無叉腿堆高車,可調式鍛打貨叉,輕松適用多種托盤,方便接近貨品,減少叉腿不能進空間的麻煩。

      ? 高質量帶緩沖液壓泵站,噪音低,震動小,密封性好,起升下降平穩可靠。

      ? 防滑制動功能,使車子在失控或者斜坡行駛時,防止其下滑。

      ? 交流驅動系統,驅動無級調速,安全,靜音,緊急反向裝置/緊急制動開關。

      ? 緊急斷電開關作為標準配置,只需按下緊急停止按鈕就可以切斷所有電源,車子立即停止或  緊急情況下快速斷電,提供安全保護。

      ? 多功能手柄,集成控制(加速、喇叭、緊急方向、升降按鈕),人機設計操作更加舒適。

      ? Because of CURTIS electronic control, so we have multiple automatic protection system controllers.
      ? No fork leg electric stacker has adjustable forged fork. It is easily applied to a variety of pallet. It is convenient to get close to the goods so as to reduce the trouble that fork can’t enter into the space of the goods.
      ? High quality with buffer hydraulic pump station has the character of low noise, low vibration, sealing good, smooth and reliable hoisting and falling.
      ? Anti-skid brake function prevent the car from declining when car driving out of control or at slope.
      ? AC drive system, Driven steeples speed regulation, safe, quiet, emergency reverse device/emergency brake switch.
      ? We consider emergency power switch as a standard configuration. Just press the emergency stop button to cut off all the power in case of an emergency, the car can stop immediately.

      ? We have Multi-function handle and integrated control (Like acceleration, horn, emergency direction, lift button). All this function makes the operation more comfortable.

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      400 888 5107
      24小時免費服務熱線:400 888 5107